Health Insurance

Three Quick Tips for Healthy Teenagers

Teens tend to burn a lot of energy throughout the day, so it's important to see that they get what they need and that it is healthy for them. Three easy things to keep your teens healthy are: Setting up a good breakfast, that will help keeping them full, boost their metabolism, and keep sugar cravings away. Limit sugary drinks ... More

Your Health Insurance and Healthy Living

There are often many parts to our health insurance that we know nothing about, so you better find the time to research what your plan can do for you. Some interesting examples are all about increasing your healthy lifestyle, and they include options like discounted gym membership, massage sessions, free counseling, fitness classes, education ... More

How to Eat More Vegetables Every Day

When trying to get more vegetables into your diet, there are sneaky ways to do it and they are delicious. When working with a pancake or waffle mix, add some pumpkin puree inside it. Or, make it a habit to drink a smoothie in the morning, and add as many greens to it as you can, such as kale and spinach. Continue to original source. ... More

How to Eat Better at Work

Eating out a lot is not a part of a healthy lifestyle. Do your best to prepare food at home, so you can take it to the office with you. When you are the one making the food, you know exactly what's in it and how it was prepared. Often times those are things that are not clear when buying take out, especially when it's not a high quality ... More

How to Begin a Lifestyle Change

One way to keep the doctor away is by leading an active lifestyle, and a great beginning is committing to exercise. It doesn't mean that only athletes can be healthy, but rather that even a small change in your lifestyle can mean great things for the body. Some benefits of exercising are: Lowering blood pressure and reducing "bad" ... More

Why Quinoa is Amazing for the Body

Quinoa just recently became a popular and trendy food due to its numerous health benefits, but in fact - it has been eaten for thousands of years in South America. Eating quinoa will provide you with lots of fiber, protein, and all nine essential amino acids. In addition, studies showed that quinoa helps reduce blood sugar levels, assists ... More

Five Tips for Dealing with Stress

Stress can take a toll on your health, both now and in the long run. Some ways to deal with stress are: Enough sleep and rest Breathing exercises or meditation Physical activity such as Yoga Talking to a loved one Healthy eating habits Continue to original source. More

How to Help Stop the Spread of the Flu

There are many illnesses that are not up to us, yet there are some that are completely at our control. For example, communicable diseases which are caused by germs transmitted through people, animals, surfaces, foods and air, can often times be prevented. It is highly recommended to take the flu shot every year, especially for people who ... More

Deciding on a Plan

Some say that picking an individual health insurance plan is easy, because you can search online and compare plans from different carriers and then make a decision. But it is not as simple, because there is a terminology that is not clear for everyone, and understanding your personal needs and finding a plan to match is also challenging. It ... More

Take the Safety Net

When you reach the age when you know there will be so many expenses, it's natural to try and see what can be done differently. There are major life events that will happen, such as buying a first house, having kids, etc. and you want to make sure that you have a safety net. This is how financial experts look at having insurance, as a thing ... More