Life Insurance

Inheritance and Life Insurance

Many parents hope to leave an inheritance for their children and grandchildren, but things don't always turn out this way. If you see that you don’t have any assets or money to pass on, buying a life insurance policy can help you with your goal. You can create an inheritance by buying a life insurance policy and naming them as beneficiari... More

Why Life Insurance is So Important to Young Parents

Life insurance can be extremely valuable in case your loved ones depend on your financial support for their livelihood. In case you die it will replace your income and will allow your family to continue living like they are used to. Especially for parents of young children it can be extremely difficult to sustain their standard of living ... More

Who Needs Life Insurance?

In order to understand if you need life insurance, you can self-examine your situation by asking yourself some questions: How many defendants do you have? How long until they become self-sufficient? How much money do they need for their living expenses? Look at your current living situation, income and expenses, and subtract ... More

When to Go See the Doctor

Insurance agents suggest to visit your primary care physician before shopping for a life insurance policy. All standard forms of life insurance require a medical exam, so it is important to make sure that any issues you had and resolved are updated properly. For example, if you have been a smoker or overweight and changed your habits for the ... More

Annuity Payout

When buying a life insurance policy, you have two options when it comes to how your beneficiaries receive money. One way is to get the whole amount all at once, tax free. Another way is to get the death benefits over a period of few years. This option will cost you less in premiums, but check with the company what the regulations are about ... More

Changing Your Point of View On Life Insurance

It is fairly easy to understand why so many people at age 18 to 34 do not think they need life insurance. When you are younger, most of your energy is focused on yourself and your personal situation and goals. The older you get and the more your situation changes, so does your point of view. Marriage and children make a huge differences, ... More

Be Honest About Your Health

When shopping for life insurance, be honest about your health and any conditions you have. Don’t waste your time by tiptoeing around the topic, because if this specific company will not offer you coverage, there are others that will. Just because your got turned down by one carrier, it doesn’t mean that you will not find a policy that ... More

Advantages of a Group Policy

Often times, employees have life insurance automatically from their employer, or from a union or trade association. Having a group policy has a few advantages, comparing to an individual life insurance policy. First, you can get a lower rate for a given death benefit. That happens because the rates are averages weighted by people younger ... More

Find a Reputable Company

When you shop for life insurance, choosing the right company is crucial. What's very important is to pick a company with a good reputation, and also respectable and reliable. Your are buying the policy to protect your loved ones, so don't skimp on the research part. Continue to original source. More

Get Some Water In

One great thing you can do for your health is also rather easy. Drinking enough water is so important for our body's functions, and the best is to drink throughout the day, and not just a big amount at once. Studies show that drinking enough water is also contributing to weight loss. The amount of water you need depends on factors like wei... More