Health Insurance

Learn your New Plan

The worst thing you can do with a new insurance plan is to assume that it is just like your previous one. Even if you are paying the same monthly premium, plans can have big differences between them. When you sign up to a new plan, learn it and know your rights and conditions. It can make a big difference in your pocket if you go about a ... More

Read and Review

Many things can change in a year, so when it's time to renew your health insurance policy, don't just auto-renew it. Your circumstances and needs may have changed recently, or perhaps you have a lower income now. Also, plans can change too, and you need to check what you will be getting in the upcoming year, and that your favorite providers ... More

Happy Aging

In the health community they say that getting older and doing it in a healthy way involves more than just eating well and staying physically active. It is also important to be good to yourself, in many different ways. Some examples are being social and surrounding yourself with pleasant people, getting enough sleep, and keeping in touch with ... More

What to do After an Appointment

When you leave the doctor's office, go over the instructions you were given and act upon them. Check in the pharmacy to collect any prescriptions you were given, and take them as directed. If you were told to schedule a follow-up visit, pick up the phone and do that. When you get your medical bill, go over it and pay it. If you have any ... More

Healthy Beginnings

The Marketplace website shares some tips and guidelines for overall health. First, maintaining a healthy lifestyle wherever you go is important, whether you are to work, home, or out and about. Another crucial aspect is to be on top of your health and go to any recommended screenings or appointment. If you have health information and ... More

Five Tips for a Healthy Life

Creating a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as some may think. It does involve some preparation and thought, but it is definitely doable. Make it a habit to be active maintain a healthy body weight eat a variety of foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables watch your portion sizes and eat regularly do not eat too much ... More

Teach Yourself not to Overeat

Many often skip breakfast, saying that it's because they are too busy. But, doing this one innocent thing has a lot of impact to how your day will go. When skipping meals it becomes much easier to overeat because your hunger goes out of control. Therefore it is important to snack during the day but choose your foods wisely. Regardless, snacks ... More

Plan Network Providers

Before deciding on a health plan, check to see their network requirements. Some plans demand that you see an in-network provider only, and that can be very limiting. Examine their providers list to be sure that you have enough options that are convenient for you if you need to see a doctor, a specialist, and which hospitals you can go to. ... More

How to be Pro-Active About Your Health

People view annual care visits as an annoying thing to go through when life is busy as it is. However, it is an important tool in keeping you well. When seeking care for major issues it is often times to late for an easy fix. Think of your annual appointment as an opportunity to be proactive about your health and should there be any issues, ... More

How to Find a Pediatrician

Searching for a pediatrician before your baby is born can be very helpful. When discharging from the hospital you will need to provide the information of your pediatrician of choice. When doing your research, start by checking which doctors in your area take your insurance. Then, look for consumer reviews online, and ask family and friends ... More