Life Insurance

Time to Think

Insurance experts at Protective share that there is a thing called a look period that you should be aware of. It means that after your policy starts, you usually have a time to make changes to it or even cancel it. Ask your agent about that period, and specifically when it starts and ends. It is made in order for you to have time to change ... More

Three Great Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance can protect your loved ones in many ways, and it is exactly what each parent wants to do: it can serve as an income replacement so that your family can continue living in their lifestyle if you are divorced, it can cover the support payments if you have a mortgage, it will cover the payments so your family will not ... More

No Exam Life Insurance

Life Insurance agents often times recommend to go for a policy that includes a doctor's visit prior. The no-exam policies are much pricier, and unless you have major health issues or a serious diagnosis, it is a good idea to get a medical check up. Whether you are younger or older, doing so can still save you money on your premium. Conti... More

Smart Move for Millennials

For millennials, buying life insurance is a very smart call. Buying now will be also cost effective because when you are young and healthy it costs less. Also, if the unexpected happens. your family will have help to pay for  student loan debt or a mortgage in your absence. Another thing to consider is a  long-term disability coverage for ... More

Why your life insurance is key to financial planning for your special-needs child

Financial planning for any family is complicated, but the challenges rise to a new level when a child has special needs. "Parents are not only planning for their family's needs and retirement, but for well beyond their lifetimes," says Linda Hunter Suzman, a Special Care Planner with MassMutual Financial Group in Seattle. The process, ... More

Term life insurance vs. permanent life insurance: Is cash value the best value?

If you're looking for life insurance, aside from considering how much you need, you'll find the need to understand and possibly choose between the two basic types: term life insurance and cash value life insurance. The main difference between the two is that term life insurance covers you relatively inexpensively for a set period, whereas ... More

Experts Suggest Using Your Home to Fund Retirement Plans

For many retirees, the idea of giving up their family home is a tough proposition to accept. But according to Steven Sass, a research economist at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, that’s exactly what’s needed for many individuals to afford retirement. "People have a serious behavioral resistance to touching their ... More

Insurance Companies Predicting Your Death

It is not a simple question to ask customers when they think they will die. Life insurance companies must take it upon themselves to determine when a potential customer will perish before they will invest. Companies compile large amounts of data in order to separate the healthy from the risky. This includes things like driving records, ... More